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18/September/2023   Actual

“Uzbekistan-2030” Strategy helps to increase the systematicity of our reforms

TASHKENT, September 18. /«Dunyo» IA/. “On September 11, 2023, the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan on the “Uzbekistan-2030” Strategy was adopted. One hundred essential goals in 5 priority areas are reflected in the Strategy”, - said Eldor Tulyakov, Executive Director, Development Strategy Center of Uzbekistan in his article  presented to the “Dunyo” IA.

- Most importantly, the Strategy was developed based on the results of the experience gained, international expertise, and public discussions.

It is worth noting that the Strategy includes such essential ideas as becoming one of the high and middle-income countries through stable economic growth, organizing education, medical and social protection system that fully meets the requirements of the population and international standards, creating favorable environmental conditions for the population, a fair and modern state at service of the people, ensuring the country’s sovereignty and security.

Within the framework of these directions, there is set a goal to double the size of the economy in the next seven years, in particular, to increase the volume of the gross domestic product to 160 billion dollars, to improve the per capita income to 4,000 dollars, to ensure macroeconomic stability and economic development with the necessary level of energy, water, and infrastructure resources, to develop a favorable investment and business environment in the country.

Also, according to the Strategy, as a result of reforms aimed at bringing medical services closer to the population, 350,000 patients with diabetes and 1.5 million patients with cardiovascular diseases will be fully covered with treatment. The coverage of selective screening tests for hereditary diseases in infants will be increased by at least 50 percent. As a result, the incidence of genetic disorders among children will be halved.

In the coming years, there will be activities on the free provision of micronutrient powder for infants, special preparations for preventing helminthiasis, iodine preparation for young children, and multivitamins, iron, and folic acid for women. As a result, the spread of infectious and non-infectious diseases will be reduced by 20%.

Within this period, it is planned to arrange to solve 70% of the appeals of the population needing medical assistance on the spot at the primary healthcare level.

Another noteworthy point. As a result of the strategic documents aimed at developing Uzbekistan and the ongoing reforms, in the last 5 years, coverage of children with preschool education has increased from 27% to 72%. The number of preschool educational organizations has risen from 5,211 to 29,420. These efforts are also reflected in the relevant goals and indicators of the “Uzbekistan-2030” Strategy. According to the Strategy, it is planned to bring the preschool education system to a new stage and the coverage level to 100%.

It should be recognized that in the past years, a system was created for communication with the people, effective, positive, and quick solutions to human problems. In particular, direct communication between state bodies and the population has been established. These measures change the population’s attitude towards the state bodies, increasing their activity and confidence in reforms. Most importantly, the opportunities for citizens to raise issues with state bodies are growing.

As a continuation of these efforts, the Republican Commission on implementing the “Uzbekistan-2030” Strategy was established. The commission monitors the qualitative implementation of reform measures within the framework of the Strategy based on the opinions and initiatives expressed by the population and the achievement of the specified indicators.

It is also planned to launch a special online portal to ensure adequate public control over the consistent, high-quality, and timely implementation of the Strategy, its goals, and indicators.

Through this portal maintained by the Development Strategy Center, everybody will have the opportunity to leave their opinions and make suggestions regarding the implementation of the Strategy, as well as each goal and indicator. In turn, the Development Strategy Center sums up and analyses the proposals and initiatives expressed by the population promptly, conducts systematic monitoring of the implementation of measures, and submits its results to the Republican Commission every month.

In conclusion, the “Uzbekistan-2030” Strategy covers the essential fundamentals of Uzbekistan’s development and defines the priority tasks. Proper implementation of the document should strengthen the country’s position and reputation in the eyes of the international community and glorify human dignity.

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